Lock Screen Widget Tutorial

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To get up and running with Vectir Lock Screen widget widgets you will first need version 4.1 or later of the Vectir PC Remote Control software and version 4.1 or later of the Vectir Android Remote Control app.

Next make sure that you have the ‘Lock screen widgets’ setting enabled. Select Settings from the main page in the app then locate the Power > Lock screen widgets:

Lock screen widget setting

When you next connect to the Vectir PC remote control server you will notice the Vectir icon appears in the top notification area for any remotes that support lock screen widgets.

Lock screen widget notification icon

If you drag down from the top notification area you will have access to the remote widget controls. They will be available when multitasking with other apps:

Widget controls

And when your device is locked you will have access to the remote controls on your lock screen:

Lock screen remote controls

If you have the ‘Stay connected’ setting off (which it will be by default), the Vectir Remote Control app will disconnect from the server when your device screen turns off and quickly re-establish the server connection when it comes back on again. You may temporarily notice a reconnecting message while this happens.

The next blog post will show you have to add lock screen widgets for your own custom remotes.

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