Vectir 3.5 is Released

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Vectir 3.5 featuring sub-remotes and new system power options is now available. The sub-remotes feature makes it possible to load remote profiles from within remote profiles. As quite a few users have been waiting for this feature for some time the next blog post will explain this feature in detail.

Before going into more detail about the new features in Vectir 3.5 it should be mentioned that this version has a new dependency on the Microsoft .net Framework version 4.0. This introduces a new minimum operating system requirement of Windows XP SP3. If anyone is running Windows XP SP2 or earlier turn off the Vectir server auto-update feature and keep using Vectir 3.4. The Vectir mobile apps will remain backward compatible with Vectir server 3.4. If you are running Windows XP SP3 or a newer version of Windows and don’t have version 4.0 of the Microsoft .net framework installed, the Vectir installer will start the .net 4.0 web installer for you.

The Windows plugin has been updated in Vectir 3.5 to include new power source, battery charge, and monitor power state data sources. A new system power remote profile has been built around these features and is now included as a default remote. For users upgrading from earlier versions this remote profile can be downloaded from the system power remote profile page and imported into the Vectir PC software. A new full screen mouse remote profile is also included in the latest release.

Another new update in Vectir 3.5 is the addition of a custom file browser open command. In previous versions the file browser in the media player remote profiles would open media files in the default Windows application for the file type. A new folder called ‘File browser custom open command’ has been added to the ‘Menu Commands’ folder of remote menus. If a custom file browser open command is added to this folder, the file browser will offload the file open request to the custom command. The default remote profiles have been updated to add a custom file browser open command where necessary. For example, the VLC remote profile now includes the VLC ‘File Browser Play’ command in this folder. This also solves the problem of multiple VLC instances opening when launching media files associated with VLC.

In addition to the VLC file browser open command mentioned above, the VLC remote profile has also been updated to include a sub-remote button for opening the system remote profile. This gives quick access to arrow keys or the mouse when navigating movie menus in VLC. Updated VLC remote profiles are available on the VLC remote profiles download page.

The remote profile designer has been updated in Vectir 3.5 to give more options for how text is rendered on button controls. A font picker dialog has been added to allow users to choose the button font. Horizontal text alignment and offset properties have been added to give more control over where text is rendered on button controls. Some simple text effect options have also been added. The new system power remote control gives a good example of how these properties are used.

Version 3.5 of the Vectir Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 apps is required for the sub-remotes feature. This version should already be available in the Android and Windows Phone stores. It will be available for BlackBerry 10 as soon as it has passed certification.

Summary of updates in Vectir 3.5:

  • Sub remote support added (load remotes from within remotes)
  • Power source, battery charge, and monitor power state data sources added to Windows plugin
  • New text rendering options added to remote profile button control
  • Custom file browser open commands
  • System power remote profile added
  • Full screen mouse remote profile added
  • VLC remote profiles updated to include System sub remote
  • Profile rendering memory usage reduced
  • New dependency on .net 4.0. Installer will start .net 4.0 install if required.
  • Minor bug fixes

Vectir 3.3.2 is Released Complete with Full VLC Remote Control

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Vectir 3.3.2 is now available and features a dedicated VLC plugin for full VLC remote control. If you are upgrading from a previous version of Vectir you will need to download and import the new VLC remote profile. The latest Vectir mobile software (v3.3.2) is also required for full compatibility with the new VLC remote control features. The Android app is already published and the Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 apps will be available as soon as they have passed certification.

Here is a summary of the updates in Vectir 3.3.2:

  • Full VLC remote control support added (VLC plugin included in build)
  • Improved task switcher application detection
  • USB-UIRT IR recording dialog now writable to allow manual command entry