Vectir Bluetooth Remote Control available for Windows Phone 8

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A new version of the Vectir Windows Phone 8 app (v3.4.1) has been released with Bluetooth remote control support. This release also includes a number of UI updates and bug fixes. The server management screen has been updated to handle Bluetooth servers and the server search screen now includes a Bluetooth search option. Bluetooth remote control has been fully tested with the new server and remote shortcuts features. Create a live tile shortcut to your Bluetooth servers and remotes for quick access.

Install Vectir Remote Control 3.4.1 for Windows Phone 8 from the app store on your phone or install manually from the Vectir Remote Control Windows Phone 8 store page.

Vectir 3.2.1 Is Released

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Vectir PC version 3.2.1 has been released today. This version is a minor update featuring a number of bug fixes and updates. Many of the updates are focused on changes required for Windows 8 and 8.1. Here is a summary of the changes in this release:

  • Fixed Windows 8.1 compatibility issues
  • Fixed WiFi hostname network selection problem
  • Fixed mouse cursor visibility issue on Windows 8 touch screen devices
  • Fixed Bluetooth port startup issue
  • Fixed Edit menu dialog problem where filebrowser base directory was hidden
  • Fixed iTunes bugs related to non media files in albums
  • Added setting for dismissing screensaver on remote command
  • Added automatic error reporting option
  • Minor bug fixes

You can either download the latest release from the Vectir downloads page or wait until the auto update feature in the Vectir PC software detects the update.