Vectir 2.4.0 is released

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Incendo Technology is pleased to announce the release of Vectir 2.4.0 – the latest version of our PC remote control software. This version includes a number of updates, the most important of which focus on enhanced media player track search options. Vectir users who are remotely controlling Winamp, Windows Media Player or iTunes may now search their music libraries by Artist, Composer or Genre. It is important that version 2.4.0 of the Bluetooth client software or version 1.3.0 of the WiFi client software are installed for full compatibility of the new media player menu options. Existing Vectir users should also download and import the latest profiles from

Due to the popularity of Nokia touch screen phones, a dedicated “Nokia touch” profile group is now included in the Vectir setup package. A big “thank you” goes to Saurav Srivastava for providing a Windows Media Center touch screen remote profile and Dark13 for providing iTunes and Winamp touch screen remote profiles.

The latest release of the Vectir mobile software (Bluetooth v2.4.0 and WiFi 1.3.0) also includes full Blackberry trackpad compatibility. The Blackberry system profile has been updated for trackpad mouse remote control.

Summary of updates in Vectir 2.4.0:

  • Artist/Composer/Genre menus added for Winamp, WMP and iTunes
  • Playlist track preview menus for Winamp, WMP and iTunes
  • Updates for multiple menu levels in remote profiles
  • Nokia touch screen profile group included
  • Remote profile designer arrow key positioning
  • Remote profile designer window size remembered and restored
  • Vectir window size remembered and restored
  • Minor bug fixes