Vectir 3.7 is Released Featuring the Remote Store and Device Manager

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Vectir 3.7 is now available complete with a new Remote Store feature. The Remote Store lets you browse and install Vectir remote profiles. To celebrate the release of the Remote Store the following new remote profiles have been developed – Chrome remote control and YouTube remote control. You will find these remotes available in the remote store. Chrome remote control provides over 20 commands for the Chrome web browser. The YouTube remote control provides remote control for all YouTube player commands and will work in any web browser. The remote store will also install Vectir plugins if required by the remote profile to be installed.

To facilitate the new remote store, Vectir plugins are now store under the following path %ProgramData%\Incendo Technology\Vectir\Plugins. Plugin developers should copy their plugins to the appropriate plugin folder under the new path.

Another new feature in Vectir 3.7 is the Device Manager. The device manager keeps track of your connected devices and optionally lets you rename them. This can be useful when two identical devices are connected. The Remote Store uses the Device Manager for showing which remotes are installed for each device. The Device Manager is available under the Tools menu.

For full compatibility with the new Device Manager feature, a new version of the Vectir Android and Windows Phone mobile apps is available (v3.7). This version should be available in our app store either immediately or within the next day or two. A unique device ID is now generated for each device and sent to the server to be saved against the device in the device manager.

Summary of updates in Vectir 3.7

  • Remote Store added
  • Device Manager added
  • Plugins now stored under %ProgramData%\Incendo Technology\Vectir\Plugins
  • Desktop remote now renders text cursor
  • Keyboard plugin updated
  • Winamp plugin bug fixes
  • Spotify plugin bug fixes

Vectir 3.6.2 is Released Featuring Keyboard and Mouse Driver

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Vectir 3.6.2 featuring a virtual keyboard and mouse driver for Windows is now available. The virtual keyboard/mouse driver makes it possible to interact with the Windows logon screen and remotely log on to your Windows account. Currently the virtual keyboard/mouse driver will only work with Windows 8/8.1 but will be available for Windows 7 as soon as Microsoft release an SHA-2 update for kernel mode drivers.

Other updates in Vectir 3.6.2 include a components section in the installer which allows selection/deselection of Vectir plugins and remote profiles. This will mainly benefit new Vectir users as deselected plugins that have previously been installed will not be uninstalled (however this is possible manually).

The keyboard command setup dialog has also been updated with Ctrl+Alt+Del and Numpad Enter commands. It is also possible to generate keyboard combinations that were not possible before such as Win + Shift + Left/Right/Up/Down. These will currently only work on Windows 8/8.1 as they require the new keyboard/mouse driver.

Summary of updates in Vectir 3.6.2:

  • Virtual mouse/keyboard driver included
  • Installer updated to allow selection of required plugins/remotes
  • Remote profiles updated if a newer version is available and user has not modified existing remote profile
  • Keyboard command setup dialog updated
  • Remote profiles featuring slider controls updated to include larger slider thumb images
  • Portuguese translation added
  • Indonesian translation added

Thank you to José for the Portuguese translation and Endro for the Indonesian translation. Thank you also to everyone who participated in the Vectir 3.6.2 beta testing.

Vectir 3.6.1 Beta is Available!

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Vectir 3.6.1 beta is now available! This version includes a virtual keyboard/mouse driver giving Vectir access to the Windows login screen and the ability to generate more keyboard combinations. Sign up for the beta test at the following page and instantly get the download link:

How to Add Device Events

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Vectir 3.6 introduces a new device events feature. This tutorial shows how to setup device events and use them in your custom remotes. It should be noted that device events are currently only supported for Android devices but will be added for other platforms in the future if framework updates make this possible. Device events are currently available for volume buttons and phone calls but will be expanded to support device sensors such as accelerometer in a future release.

This example in this tutorial will show you how to mute the iTunes volume when a phone call is received.

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Vectir 3.6 is Released Featuring Remote Device Events

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Vectir 3.6 complete with remote device events is now available. This version makes it possible to execute commands on the Vectir server when triggered by remote device events such as phone calls and volume button presses. More event types such as accelerometer will be added in the future. This feature is currently only available with Android devices (and possibly BlackBerry 10) as it is currently not possible to detect these device events on Windows Phone 8. The next blog post will explain how you can add remote device events to your custom remotes.

Android users who would like to take advantage of the new remote device events feature should make sure they are running version PC server version 3.6 and Android client version 3.6. Also make sure you have the latest remote profiles imported if you would like your Android phone/tablets volume buttons to control your media player volume or master volume. Or if you haven’t added any custom remotes or customized the default remotes, you can delete your remote profile group from the configuration panel in the Vectir PC software and connect from your Android device again. This will import the latest remote profiles complete with remote volume button commands.

Vectir 3.6 also includes some updates to the remote profile designer. The button control now has text wrapping enabled and copy and paste support has been added for remote controls (excluding dialogs).

Summary of updates in Vectir 3.6

  • Remote device events added (only compatible with Android devices)
  • Media player, system, mouse and desktop remote profiles have been updated with volume button events
  • Copy and paste support added to remote profile designer
  • Text wrapping in remote button controls
  • Spotify initialization bug fixed
  • Minor bug fixes

Vectir 3.5.2 is Released Featuring Spotify Remote Control

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Vectir 3.5.2 is now available complete with full Spotify Remote Control. A dedicated Spotify plugin is included with this release that makes it possible to remotely control all of the main Spotify player features. Supported Spotify remote control commands include Play/Pause, Next track, Previous track, Volume and Seek track position. Menu features include Track search, Artist search, Album search, Playlist browsing for user playlists, Starred tracks, Top lists, Genres and Moods.

Existing users will need to import the correct Spotify remote profile for your device. Users installing Vectir 3.5.2 for the first time will have the Spotify remote control profile pre-loaded ready to go.

Vectir server version 3.5.2 also includes a few bug fixes and minor updates. Here is a summary of all changes in this release:

  • Full Spotify remote control support added (Spotify plugin included in build)
  • Remote desktop initial zoom setting fixed
  • Remote profile design surface re-rendered when full screen remote setting enabled in Android app
  • Fixed problems when running Vectir under multiple Windows accounts
  • Menu configuration changes detected and reflected in Vectir mobile app
  • Minor bug fixes

You can either download and install Vectir 3.5.2 from the PC software download page or wait for the auto-update feature in the Vectir PC software to discover the new release.

No changes were required in the Vectir mobile app for this release. A new version of the mobile app for Android and Windows Phone 8 will be available soon featuring phone events.

Vectir 3.5.1 is Released Featuring Remote Desktop Updates

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Vectir Remote Control 3.5.1 featuring remote desktop updates is now available. This version is focused on improving remote desktop performance in the Vectir Android, BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8 apps. Desktop navigation and zoom commands are now sent over the UDP channel if available for improved performance. Version 3.5.1 of the Vectir Remote Control app now includes settings for maximum FPS (Frames Per Second) and zoom sensitivity. Vectir remote desktop in earlier versions was fixed at 10 FPS. The new FPS setting sets the maximum FPS with a range of 4-24 for remote desktop but does not necessarily mean your desktop will be streamed at this rate. If you are using Vectir with Bluetooth remote control or your network is slow the actual FPS may be slower than the max FPS setting. Remember that a higher FPS may result in higher power consumption. The zoom sensitivity setting was necessary due to the rapid zoom rate realized by sending desktop commands over the UDP channel. New remote desktop commands for two finger scrolling, Zoom 100% monitor 1, Zoom 100% monitor 2 and Send ESC have also been added.

The full version of Vectir Remote Control has also been updated to convert to free version functionality when the trial period has finished. The free version has also been updated to enable more features when used with version 3.5.1 of the Vectir Remote Control client app.

Version 3.5.1 of the Vectir client app should now be available in the Android and Windows Phone app stores. It will be available in the BlackBerry app world as soon as it has passed certification.

Summary of updates in Vectir 3.5.1:

  • Remote desktop performance updates
  • New remote desktop client commands
  • WiFi server updates
  • Full version now converts to free version at end of trial period
  • More functionality in free version (client version 3.5.1 or later)

How to Load Sub Remotes

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Sub-remotes is a new feature introduced with Vectir 3.5 that makes it possible to load remote profiles from within remote profiles. This tutorial shows how you can add sub-remotes to your own custom remote profiles.

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Vectir 3.5 is Released

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Vectir 3.5 featuring sub-remotes and new system power options is now available. The sub-remotes feature makes it possible to load remote profiles from within remote profiles. As quite a few users have been waiting for this feature for some time the next blog post will explain this feature in detail.

Before going into more detail about the new features in Vectir 3.5 it should be mentioned that this version has a new dependency on the Microsoft .net Framework version 4.0. This introduces a new minimum operating system requirement of Windows XP SP3. If anyone is running Windows XP SP2 or earlier turn off the Vectir server auto-update feature and keep using Vectir 3.4. The Vectir mobile apps will remain backward compatible with Vectir server 3.4. If you are running Windows XP SP3 or a newer version of Windows and don’t have version 4.0 of the Microsoft .net framework installed, the Vectir installer will start the .net 4.0 web installer for you.

The Windows plugin has been updated in Vectir 3.5 to include new power source, battery charge, and monitor power state data sources. A new system power remote profile has been built around these features and is now included as a default remote. For users upgrading from earlier versions this remote profile can be downloaded from the system power remote profile page and imported into the Vectir PC software. A new full screen mouse remote profile is also included in the latest release.

Another new update in Vectir 3.5 is the addition of a custom file browser open command. In previous versions the file browser in the media player remote profiles would open media files in the default Windows application for the file type. A new folder called ‘File browser custom open command’ has been added to the ‘Menu Commands’ folder of remote menus. If a custom file browser open command is added to this folder, the file browser will offload the file open request to the custom command. The default remote profiles have been updated to add a custom file browser open command where necessary. For example, the VLC remote profile now includes the VLC ‘File Browser Play’ command in this folder. This also solves the problem of multiple VLC instances opening when launching media files associated with VLC.

In addition to the VLC file browser open command mentioned above, the VLC remote profile has also been updated to include a sub-remote button for opening the system remote profile. This gives quick access to arrow keys or the mouse when navigating movie menus in VLC. Updated VLC remote profiles are available on the VLC remote profiles download page.

The remote profile designer has been updated in Vectir 3.5 to give more options for how text is rendered on button controls. A font picker dialog has been added to allow users to choose the button font. Horizontal text alignment and offset properties have been added to give more control over where text is rendered on button controls. Some simple text effect options have also been added. The new system power remote control gives a good example of how these properties are used.

Version 3.5 of the Vectir Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 apps is required for the sub-remotes feature. This version should already be available in the Android and Windows Phone stores. It will be available for BlackBerry 10 as soon as it has passed certification.

Summary of updates in Vectir 3.5:

  • Sub remote support added (load remotes from within remotes)
  • Power source, battery charge, and monitor power state data sources added to Windows plugin
  • New text rendering options added to remote profile button control
  • Custom file browser open commands
  • System power remote profile added
  • Full screen mouse remote profile added
  • VLC remote profiles updated to include System sub remote
  • Profile rendering memory usage reduced
  • New dependency on .net 4.0. Installer will start .net 4.0 install if required.
  • Minor bug fixes

Vectir Bluetooth Remote Control available for Windows Phone 8

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A new version of the Vectir Windows Phone 8 app (v3.4.1) has been released with Bluetooth remote control support. This release also includes a number of UI updates and bug fixes. The server management screen has been updated to handle Bluetooth servers and the server search screen now includes a Bluetooth search option. Bluetooth remote control has been fully tested with the new server and remote shortcuts features. Create a live tile shortcut to your Bluetooth servers and remotes for quick access.

Install Vectir Remote Control 3.4.1 for Windows Phone 8 from the app store on your phone or install manually from the Vectir Remote Control Windows Phone 8 store page.