Vectir 3.4 is Released

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Vectir 3.4 is now available. This version is centered around performance related upgrades and improved support for multiple devices. There is a new remote profile group type in the Vectir PC software that ensures remote profiles are only made visible to devices with compatible screen resolutions. When creating a new remote profile group users are now able to choose a display resolution that suits their phone or tablet. Vectir will attempt to upgrade your existing remote profile groups with the new display resolution property. If the upgrade was successful your groups will have a new icon with a phone over a folder. You can also download the upgraded groups from the remote profiles page.

A new remote metadata feature has also been added to help make more information about your remotes available to Vectir client devices. In the remote profile designer there is now a Metadata button that will launch a dialog where you can enter version, description and author information. There is also a new remote profile ID property added to each remote profile. This removes the existing limitation of unique remote profile names. The remote ID also assists with the new remote shortcut features in the Android and Windows Phone 8 apps.

The WiFi server will now listen on all available networks when configured with the hostname connection mode. Previous versions made a best guess as to which is the correct network to listen on but occasionally would get it wrong. This problem should now be resolved. The IP address connection option is still available and lets you choose which network to listen on while ignoring all others.

For full compatibility with Vectir PC software 3.4, Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 users should install version 3.4 of the Vectir client software. This version has been published in the Google Play store and will be available in the Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 stores as soon as certification is complete.

Summary of updates in Vectir 3.4:

  • Remote profile display resolution groups
  • Remote profile metadata
  • Unique remote profile name limitation removed and remote profile IDs added
  • Remote profile designer updates
  • Updates to allow remote and server shortcuts in Android and Windows Phone apps
  • WiFi server hostname connection mode now listens on all available networks
  • Minor bug fixes

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  1. sharky Says:

    Love the remote shortcuts 🙂 Keep up the good work.