Vectir 3.3 is Released

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Vectir 3.3 is now available! Thank you to everyone who participated in the beta testing and provided such useful feedback. Vectir 3.3 provides many updates and all remote profiles have been rebuilt with a new gun metal theme. Here is a summary of the updates in Vectir 3.3:

  • Support for new font size in pixels setting in remote profile designer and menu designer
  • Support for state triggered images in remote profile designer
  • New resize mode setting for picture box control
  • Improved remote profile designer support for devices with large screen sizes
  • New UDP port added to WiFi server for fast commands
  • Support for new mouse commands from Vectir mobile client
  • File paths remembered and restored for remote designer and import/export dialogs
  • Reduced CPU usage when mobile device not connected
  • Environment variables now supported in command line and keyboard commands
  • PowerPoint bug fixes and slide timer issues resolved
  • All remote profiles rebuilt with a new gun metal theme
  • New remote profile groups added at 720×1280 and 1080×1920 resolutions
  • Changes have been made for loading remote profiles from within remote profiles but this feature won’t be enabled until the next release
  • Free version remote profile limit lifted from 5 to 10

For full compatibility with the latest changes, Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 users should install version 3.3 of the Vectir mobile client app. This should be available now for Android users, for Windows Phone 8 users as soon as it has passed acceptance testing and for BlackBerry 10 users next week after some final changes have been tested.

If you are updating from an earlier version, make sure you have downloaded and imported the latest remote profiles. You can also import them by deleting all existing remote profiles groups from the configuration panel in the Vectir PC software and connecting from your mobile device. Remote profiles at the correct resolution for your device will automatically load. Make sure you export your own custom remote profiles first.

If you notice that the font sizes have changed in your remote profiles, this is related to a new font size in pixels setting. The existing three font size settings have been converted to a font size in pixels setting. You can adjust this through the remote profile designer in the Vectir PC software. Right click on your remote and select Edit then select the controls for which you would like to adjust the font size and change the font size in pixels setting under properties. You can also now adjust the font size in pixels for the remote profile menus. Right click on your menus under Your Remote > Menus, select Edit then adjust the font size in pixels setting.

Have fun trying out the new updates and features in version 3.3. If you have any questions for find any issues with this version please contact Vectir Support.

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2 Responses to “Vectir 3.3 is Released”

  1. Martin Says:

    Love the new theme the remotes look amazing! Nice work!!

  2. Srinath Says:

    Best update yet for the Android remote control