BlackBerry 10 Remote Control App Available

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The Vectir BlackBerry 10 Remote Control App is now available as a stable release. Either search for Vectir remote control from the Blackberry app world on your phone or download from the Vectir Remote Control Blackberry App World page. Vectir for BlackBerry 10 has all of the features available in the Android app but limited to WiFi connectivity. Remote profile layouts are available at a suitable resolution for both the Z10 and Q10 devices. If you are installing Vectir for the first time, run the device setup wizard (Tools menu in PC software) and when your BB10 device first connects, remote profiles at the correct resolution will load. Alternatively you can download and import remote profiles at the correct resolution from The 720×720 remote profile group is included for the the Q10 device. For the Z10 device either the 480×800 or 1024×600 remote profile groups will be suitable.

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3 Responses to “BlackBerry 10 Remote Control App Available”

  1. Johnny Says:

    Hi. Tried it with my Z10 but did not find a server. Profiles are imported but no server can found, also not if i add it with ip address.

  2. Daniel Says:

    Hi, first of all make sure that your Z10 is connected to the same network as your PC and that a Windows firewall exception exists for Vectir (you should have been prompted to allow this when the setup wizard finished). Then make sure the correct IP address is selected on the WiFi Remote Control dialog in the Vectir PC software (Setup > Hardware > WiFi). If your PC is connected to multiple networks, you may need to select the ‘Configure from IP Address’ option and select the correct IP address from the drop down box.

  3. modise Says:

    Vectir is the best I’m loving it Wow is like Magic easy to install & to use