Vectir 3.2 is Released

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Vectir PC version 3.2 is now available. This version includes a number of updates focused on improving remote media library management. Media library search is now available for iTunes, WMP and Winamp. Voice search is also available if using the Vectir Android remote control app. Many new context menu commands have been added for improved control over how music is played or managed. These updates require the latest remote profiles and Vectir Android or Windows Phone 8 remote control apps. Vectir for Android version 3.1 will be uploaded and available soon. The latest WP8 remote control app will be available in a couple of weeks after it has passed certification.

Summary of updates in Vectir 3.2:

  • Added media library search for iTunes, Winamp and WMP
  • Add various context menu commands for improved iTunes, Winamp and WMP media control
  • Added Winamp remote play queue management
  • Added new datasinks for iTunes, Winamp and WMP track position
  • Updated remote profiles to support menu search
  • Added new command parameter to close menu after command execution
  • Added support for remote desktop images up to 120k
  • Fixed bug that could cause WiFi server to lockup
  • Minor bug fixes

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One Response to “Vectir 3.2 is Released”

  1. Martin Says:

    Top stuff! Now you have media library search there is nothing else I could ask for from Vectir.