Vectir 2.7.1 is released

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Incendo Technology is pleased to announce the release of Vectir 2.7.1. The most significant update in this release is the support for client context menus in the menu designer. Context menus in the Vectir mobile software will give more options for selected menu items. For example, Copy, Paste, Cut and Delete options will be available for selected menu items in the file browser menu.

For full compatibility with context menus, the latest Vectir mobile client software should be installed (Bluetooth v2.7.0 and WiFi v1.6.2). These mobile versions will be available for Android soon. If upgrading from an earlier version of the Vectir PC software, the latest profiles should be downloaded and imported into Vectir. They are available from It should be noted that Vectir context menus are currently only available on phones with touch screens.

Summary of updates in Vectir 2.7.1:

  • Client context menus now supported in menu designer
  • Copy, Paste, Cut and Delete context menu commands for file browser
  • Play in Winamp and Enqueue in Winamp context menu commands for file browser
  • Profile configuration bug fixes
  • WiFi server memory leak fixed
  • Minor bug fixes and updates

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