Vectir 2.5.0 is released

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Incendo Technology is pleased to announce the release of Vectir 2.5.0 – the latest version of our PC remote control software.

Vectir 2.5.0 features a new file browser menu type. This feature allows users to browse their computers hard drive directly from their mobile phone and open selected files. A file browser menu may be attached to any remote profile. This allows quick and easy launching of files associated with the profile from an optional customisable base directory.

Another new feature in Vectir 2.5.0 is the inclusion of a mouse touchpad control in the remote profile designer. This control when loaded on a touchscreen mobile phone will allow the user to control their PC’s mouse just like a laptop touch pad.

To take advantage of the new features listed above, users must be running the latest version of the Vectir mobile software (Bluetooth 2.5.0 or WiFi 2.4.0).

Summary of updates in Vectir 2.5.0:

  • File browser menu type added
  • Remote profile menu designer updated
  • Mouse touchpad control added to remote profile designer
  • Winamp unicode track select bug fixed
  • Minor bug fixes

Instructions for updating earlier versions of Vectir to work with file browser and touchpad features:

First of all make sure you have Vectir 2.5 installed. The easiest method is to use the auto-update option (Help > Check for updates).

You will then require profiles compatible with the new features. The file browser and touchpad features are available in the latest system profiles available for download from the remote profiles download page. Import the profiles from File > Import. An alternative (and faster) method is to run the device setup wizard again (Tools > Setup Phone or Hardware Device). Note that your original profiles will not be overwritten and the new profiles will be in a new group and the profile names will have (2) appended to them if profiles with the same name already exist. Once the profiles are imported, you can load the new system profile and start trying out the new features.

Alternatively, if you wish to update existing profiles or create new ones to take advantage of the new features, here are some instructions to help you get started.

Touchpad profile
Edit an existing profile or create a new one. In the Remote Profile Designer, you will notice a new TouchPad control has been added to the toolbox. Add this control to your design, position and size it appropriately then load the profile on your phone and test.

File browser
Edit an existing profile menu or create a new one. On the Menu Designer dialog, set the menu type to File Browser. Optionally set a base directory to load when the profile loads. Click OK when finished then load the profile on your phone and test.

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