New Features Under Development

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Even though there hasn’t been a major update since early April, Vectir developments are still progressing and some new features will be available soon. Here is a summary of the main updates that will be in the next release…

Media Player Artist and Album Search
New menus will be added for iTunes, WMP and Winamp remote control that let users search for tracks by artist and album. Currently it is only possible to search by track name or playlist name.

View Album Art on Phone
This feature will let users view album art for the playing track on iTunes and WMP remote profiles. This feature will have to wait until a later release for Winamp remote control.

Touchpad Mouse Control Mode
This feature will let users with touch screen mobile phones use their phones screen as a touchpad for controlling the mouse on the PC. It will work very similar to the touchpad on a laptop computer.

Improved Mouse Performance
The mouse controller and Vectir wireless protocol will be updated to give faster and more accurate mouse remote control response.

The current estimate is for the next release to be available in mid June.