Windows Phone 8 Remote Control App Available

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The Vectir Windows Phone 8 remote control app is now available in the Windows Phone store. Either search for Vectir remote from the app store on your Windows phone or download the xap from the Vectir remote control Windows phone store page.

The WP8 app currently only supports WiFi connectivity but there are plans to add Bluetooth soon. Otherwise it is is fully functional as a universal PC remote control with all of the features available in the Android app plus more.

Any feedback about the WP8 remote control app would be highly appreciated!

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3 Responses to “Windows Phone 8 Remote Control App Available”

  1. Spencer Says:

    I love it! But please add a fully interactive VLC remote (just like the Winamp one)

  2. HenryP Says:

    Wow – I was already very impressed with the Blackberry version but this is simply amazing!!! Thanks 🙂

  3. wp Says:

    superb app and well worth the wait. the only thing that is missing is a media library search feature in the wmp remote profile. its cool that you can browse by album artist etc but i would like to be able to search the entire media library.