Vectir 2.7.0 is released

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Incendo Technology is pleased to announce the release of Vectir 2.7.0. This release includes updates that help with browsing media libraries from your phone. Large media menus for Winamp, Windows Media Player and iTunes are now fully available on the Vectir phone app through paged menus. There is also a new menu available for browsing albums by artist.

For full compatiblity with the new features available in version 2.7.0 of the Vectir PC software, users should be running version 1.5.0 or later of the Vectir WiFi remote control phone software or version 2.6.0 of the Vectir Bluetooth remote control phone software. At the time this post is being written, the latest client phone software is not available in all supported app stores but should be within the next few days.

Users upgrading from existing versions of the Vectir PC software should make sure they have the latest remote profiles. They can be downloaded from

Vectir 2.7.0 also has a new dependancy on the microsoft .net framework 3.5 SP1. If you are currently running a previous version of the .net framework, the Vectir setup will guide you through the process of installing .net 3.5 SP1. The auto update feature will also not trigger on any versions of Vectir before v2.7.0 due to this new dependancy.

Summary of updates in Vectir 2.7.0:

  • Support for paging in large media player menus
  • Support for new albums by artist menu
  • Minor bug fixes
  • New dependancy on .net framework 3.5 SP1

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