Vectir 2.3.0, Mobile Bluetooth Remote 2.3.0 & Mobile WiFi Remote 1.2.0 are released

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Incendo Technology is pleased to announce the following releases of our Vectir PC remote control software – PC version 2.3.0, Mobile Bluetooth version 2.3.0 and Mobile WiFi version 1.2.0. The latest releases include some exciting new features such as media player album art support, searchable album menus and a number of updates to existing features such as mouse remote control.

The latest Vectir software will give users greater control and a more enjoyable experience when controlling their media player from their mobile phone. Album art associated with iTunes, Windows Media Player or Winamp music will now be displayed on the user’s mobile phone when controlling each media player. The new album menu feature will allow iTunes and Windows Media Player users to browse and play albums stored in their media library. This is in addition to the existing ability to browse playlists and select individual tracks. Winamp users will benefit from the new Media Library playlist menu. This update supports browsing and loading of the internal Winamp Media Library playlists.

There has also been a PowerPoint remote control update that allows the current slide to be viewed on the user’s mobile phone. This feature gives a nice visual aid when remotely controlling a presentation.

A new set of mobile phone remote profiles for iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player and PowerPoint have been developed to take advantage of the new Vectir features. New Vectir users will get the latest remote profiles when they install the software. Existing Vectir users can download the updated remote profiles from the following pages:

To take advantage of the new features, users must install the latest version of the PC and mobile software.

The TouchPad mouse remote control mode for touch screen phones has been held back until the next release. Touch screen users will still benefit from the improved mouse remote control in the latest release.

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  1. Tim Says:

    Thanks for the Winamp updates!