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Forum Rules

Postby Daniel » Fri Oct 30, 2009 1:08 pm

  1. Only one account per person is allowed.
  2. Valid email addresses must be used when registering. If any displosable email addresses are found, the account in question will be removed.
  3. All posts must be in English.
  4. Before asking a question, make sure it hasn't already been answered elsewhere in the forum. Use the search feature to check.
  5. Post your messages in the most appropriate place.
  6. All replies must be kept on-topic.
  7. Always include a subject line and make sure its appropriate for what the post is about. Try to summarise the post into a short sentance. For example, "Help required for Nokia 6230i Bluetooth connection" is more useful than "Help". Do not use all capitals or format the subject line in any way just to get attention.
  8. No Flaming. This includes personal attacks, harassment or insults in posts or private messages.
  9. No Spamming. This includes irrelevant links to external sites, commercial advertising, off topic posts and posting the same post multiple times.
  10. No thread bumping. Posting messages for the sole purpose of keeping certain posts near the top is not allowed.
Any user who fails to abide these rules may have their posts moderated or deleted. We reserve the right to ban any user in breach of these rules from the forums at any time without notice.
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